PhotoSync news

PhotoSync news

2011-02-25 13:00

PhotoSync Companion 1.0.3 for Windows released

  • Finally added support to add photos/videos from your Windows PC to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (right click on the PhotoSync Companion icon in the task bar, open the application menu and choose "Send photos/videos")
  • Changed the communication port for file transfers from port 9000 to port 35722 (noticed that some viruses and even some other services use port 9000 which could lead to problems). In fact this change was done in Release which was not annonced as a regular update but available for download on the website)
  • Added log file to PhotoSync Companion: PhotoSync companion now uses a logfile (which will be 10 MB max and saves the last 3 versions) to help locate error reasons. The logfile is called photosync-log.txt and is located in the PhotoSync Companion installation folder.
  • Added exception handling for all crucial operations to prevent application crashes and leave the user at least with a log entry that should help to find out what went wrong.

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