PhotoSync news

PhotoSync news

2015-12-09 15:41

PhotoSync 3.1 for iOS released

PhotoSync 3.1 has over 20 new features and has been optimized to take advantage of iOS 9 and it’s new capabilities.


  • 3D Touch Support
    Quick Actions: The Quick Transfer can now be triggered directly from the Homescreen. You may also configure multiple "Receive" Quick Actions.
    Peek & Pop: Do a 3D touch on a thumbnail to preview it and easily access actions like "Copy & Delete".

  • Live Photo Support
    PhotoSync can now backup Live Photos (photos & video part) to computer, NAS, cloud services and many photos services. You can also reimport Live Photos using PhotoSync. Live Photo support can be configured in the settings for each target individually.
    PhotoSync 3.1 introduces a dedicated album for Live Photos and the integrated viewer can now playback Live Photos.

  • Support for iPad Multitasking & Quick Action Menu.
    PhotoSync now supports Slide-Over and Split-View on iPads. By doing a long press on a thumbnail you can access quick actions like "Copy, Paste, Delete and View“. 

Further enhancements:

  • PhotoSync can now set the file date to the recording date of the photo/video on SFTP servers, many FTP servers (like vsftpd) and some WebDAV servers (e.g. ownCloud). 
  • PhotoSync can now transfer from/to the Toshiba Canvio AeroCast (
  • Added a new "Display Option" to hide empty albums
  • Transfer to Computer is now supported over VPN connections (using manual configuration)


- Fixed: An issue that occurs when uploading videos to Owncloud
- Fixed: A crash issue when transferring incompatible files to PhotoSync
- Fixed: An FTP issue with EPSV (extended passive mode)
- Fixed: The file date displaying incorrectly for certain WebDAV servers
- Fixed: Some servers reported "Did not receive identification" for SFTP transfers
- Fixed: Crash issue when importing photos & videos from Facebook
- Fixed: Large Slo-Mo video files were not transferred
- Fixed: SSH uploads could hang when "Allow overwrite" was disabled
- Fixed a crash when transferring from Shared PhotoStreams when "Delete after transfer" was activated

For feature requests and comments please write to

Please do not use the review section in iTunes for support questions, as we are unable to  reply there. Please write to for any support questions.

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