PhotoSync news

PhotoSync news

2015-07-02 12:07

PhotoSync 3.0.1 for iOS released


Fixed & Improved

  • Fixed: Upload to Google Drive
  • Fixed: Transfer of large video files on iOS 8
  • Fixed an Amazon Cloud Drive upload issue, when an empty file was present on Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Fixed: When editing an Auto Transfer location, the map was not displayed
  • Fixes for FTPS connections
  • Fixed transfer of screenshots over Adhoc-Wifi-Connections
  • Fixed sequence of photos in album transfers that was not the original transfer sequence
  • Fixed several crash issues
  • Improved compatibility with a future iOS version


Feature requests & comments

Please contact us at for feature requests and comments.

Support questions

Please contact us at for support questions.

Please do not use the review section in iTunes for support questions, as we are unable to reply to you there.

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