PhotoSync news

PhotoSync news

2016-12-07 11:15

PhotoSync 3.1.1 (2708) for Android released

  • Changed detection for sent/received files to prevent problems with altered media store identifiers
  • Added expert settings to disable Wi-Fi check if Wi-Fi check is not working properly
  • Added manually added devices to quick and auto transfer selection when creating quick or auto transfer settings
  • Fixed transfer problem with manually added devices when two identical transfers have been triggered due to automatic device detection and manually added device
  • Added interstitial ads after every 4th successful transfer for PhotoSync versions with ad support
  • Fixed a reported crash deleting photos
  • Fixed a reported crash logging in to OneDrive
  • Fixed a reported crash resolving devices in the device autodetection
  • Fixed a reported crash that can occur calculating the current screen width
  • Fixed a reported crash when the media store is changed during a search operation on the actual media store
  • Added manually added devices to quick transfer and auto transfer configuration when sending to a computer
  • Added copy option for OTG devices to copy photos/videos over to the device
  • Changed the layout of the service configuration editor in the settings to show/hide services
  • Fixed recording date calculation of files coming from OTG devices
  • Fixed file date calculation for OTG files
  • Fixed Picasa / Google Photos upload progress which went to 200% for each file instead of 100%
  • Fixed move function which deleted photos when you moved them into their origin folder
  • Added instant UI update when deleting photos or using delete after transfer to give an instant feedback about deleted photos
  • Added option to use multiple albums for autotransfer
  • Hopefully fixed "unexpected end of stream" errors that occur on some system when transferring to a computer
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