PhotoSync news

PhotoSync news

2016-10-06 17:25

PhotoSync 3.1.1 (2646) for Android released

  • Fixed a secure WebDAV connection problem when the WebDAV server offered more than one secure certificate for the connection.
  • Fixed a bug showing a trial expire notifications when the Add-On bundle was installed during the trial time
  • Added additional checks to ensure that only one autotransfer is stored in the PhotoSync settings. Under certain circumstances it could happen that an additional autotransfer was stored and the wrong transfer was chosen by the app
  • Added the create date to the result set of Microsoft OneDrive folder listings
  • Updated Facebook support library to a newer version
  • Fixed a problem that occured with autotransfers to computers causing PhotoSync to send more then one "stop transfer" notification to the target
  • Removed unnecessary error messages after canceling a transfer
  • Fixed redraw problems that could occur in various situations causing PhotoSync not to update the photo library after switching back to the app
  • Fixed problems with the detection of new photos that could prevent autotransfers when a new photo was taken
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