iOS (iPhone & iPad)

iOS (iPhone & iPad)
How to transfer to another iOS device when the other device is not detected automatically?

How to transfer to another iOS device when the other device is not detected automatically?

How to transfer to another iOS device when the other device is not detected automatically?


  1. Ensure PhotoSync is installed on both your source device and target device (iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch).

  2. Run PhotoSync on both your source device and target device. Attention: Ensure both target and source devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  3. Select a picture/video folder on your source device.

    Figure 1. Select album
    Select album


  4. Tap the thumbnails of the pictures and videos that you want to sync to your target iOS device. Upon tapping a red button appears. To deselect just tap again. See the next step for other syncing possibilities.

    Figure 2. Select pictures
    Select pictures


  5. Tap the red sync button and then select your preferred action type: New, Selected, or All.

    Figure 3. Transfer


    Figure 4. Choose transfer type
    Choose transfer type


  6. Select the destination of where you want to transfer to. Tap the iPhone-iPod-iPad button if you want to transfer to an iOS device.

    Figure 5. Select destination
    Select destination


  7. It can happen that no target iOS device is found because some Wi-Fi routers may not support the automatic device detection that PhotoSync uses. If your Wi-Fi allows access between devices in the same Wi-Fi network you can connect to the target iOS device by entering the internet (IP) address of the device manually. PhotoSync remembers this input and will find your device automatically the next time your try as long as the device uses the same address.

    To manually enter the address of the target device please tap on the "Add device manually (IP)" link at the bottom of the device search window.

    Figure 6. Select device
    Select device


  8. You will be presented with an input mask to enter the IP address and the port of the target iOS device. Now please tap PhotoSync's red transfer button on the target iOS device.

    Figure 7. Select device
    Select device


  9. Open the receive section on the target device and tap on the iPhone-iPod-iPad symbol.

    Figure 8. Select device
    Select device


  10. The target device now reveals its IP address and port. In this example, the IP address is and the port is 8080.

    Figure 9. Select device
    Select device


  11. Now enter the IP address and port of the target device into the manually add device mask on your iPhone and press done when you're ready.

    Figure 10. Select device
    Select device


  12. The target device should now be recognized by your iPhone. You can select it from the device list to start the transfer.

    Figure 11. Select device
    Select device


  13. During the transfer process your target iOS device will show a transfer indicator that informs you about the source device and the ongoing transfer progress.


    Figure 12. Transfer to the target device
    Transfer to the target device



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