Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch,
and iPad. Requires iOS5 or later.

PhotoSync 2.0: 50+ new features

PhotoSync 2.0 is our biggest and best update yet. The update includes a completely redesigned new user interface, the ability to receive photos & videos from almost any cloud, photo or NAS service. It also features the amazing new Auto Transfer functionality to transfer new photos & videos in the background.

Receive photos & videos

One touch download

Download new, all or selected photos with one single touch from your favorite cloud, photos or NAS service directly to your device.

Wide range of supported services

PhotoSync supports receiving photos & videos from Dropbox, Google+/Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug, SugarSync, Zenfolio, Box, (S)FTP & WebDAV.

Direct import into Camera Roll or custom albums

Before download choose the Camera Roll or any custom album as destination.

View, print and Open In...

View photos &videos stored on any of the supported services, print them or open them in other applications.

Works in the background

Receive from computer, iOS devices and all other supported services for up to 10 minutes in the background.

Auto Transfer (location based)

Transfers new photos & videos automatically

Auto Transfer uploads new photos & videos automatically to a predefined target in the background, whenever a certain location is reached.

Individually customizable

Define whether Auto Transfer should use cellular networks or not. In addition to that, multiple locations can be selected where  Auto Transfer should happen.

Auto Transfer to almost anywhere

PhotoSync supports auto transfer to computer, Dropbox, Google+/Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug, SugarSync,  Zenfolio, Box, (S)FTP & WebDAV

Support for wireless SD Cards (Toshiba FlashAir & Transcend Wi-Fi SD)

Receive from Toshiba FlashAir & Transcend Wi-FI

PhotoSync allows you to import photos/videos directly from your camera equipped with a Toshiba FlashAir or Transcend WI-Fi SD Card.

Smart & efficient

PhotoSync remembers which photos & videos were already imported from the wireless SD card. Download new photos & videos with one single touch.

Album & RAW support

PhotoSync imports photos & videos from the wireless SD card directly into the Camera Roll or custom albums. It can also import a wide range of RAW formats from the wireless SD card.

Send photos & videos

Support for captions & titles

Before transferring photos & videos to Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa, Facebook & Zenfolio optionally enter a caption/title for each photo & video.

Target folder/album selection

When transferring to computer or iOS devices, the target folder/album can now be selected. When transferring to iPhoto or Aperture, the target album/project can be specified. 
(This feature needs to be activated in target settings). 

„Sync new“ for all albums

PhotoSync now remembers for all albums which photos & videos have already been transferred. So the „Sync new“ feature now also works for albums created by the Camera Connection Kit or albums created on the device.

SugarSync support

Send & receive to/from SugarSync

PhotoSync now supports sending photos & videos to SugarSync. Photos&videos stored on SugarSync can also be directly imported to the device.

Pro Features

Multiple (S)FTP & WebDAV configurations

Specify multiple (S)FTP & WebDAV servers. The desired server can be conveniently selected before transfer. (S)FTP & WebDAV configurations can now also be deleted.

Manual IP address entry

Manually enter the IP address of the target device when sending to a computer or another iOS device. This bypasses the device detection over Bonjour.

FTP enhancements

FTPS is now supported.

The character encoding for FTP servers can be chosen in the settings.

Support for edits made in the iOS photos app

Non-destructive edits made in the iOS Photos App can now be applied before transfers. This transfers the edited file instead of the original file.
 (This feature needs to be activated in Expert settings).

Recording date as filename

In addition to using the original filename, PhotoSync can now use the recording date as filename. 
A wide range of filename options is available.

List view for Library

View the Camera Roll and all other albums in list mode with detailed information on filename, filesize, recording date and photos dimension/video duration.

Globally deactivate cellular data

Sending & receiving over cellular data can now be deactivated globally in Expert Settings.

Send to computer from multiple iOS devices at once

The Windows & Mac Companion now supports receiving from multiple iOS devices at once. The received photos&videos are saved into the appropriate sub-directories.


Facebook albums are now listed correctly
SmugMug support has been updated to the newest API. This solves an issue where users had to re-login after some time support has been updated to the newest API and works now more reliably 
Correct handling of XMP files: PhotoSync now prevents uploading of XMP files to targets that do not support these
Uploading RAW photos to SkyDrive is now supported


PhotoSync requires iOS 5 or higher. Some features are only available on iOS 6 or higher or on specific devices.
You need to re-authenticate with SmugMug and after installing this update.
FlashAir is a registered trademark(TM) of Toshiba Corporation.