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PhotoSync Companion 3.3.1 for macOS released

Fixed album selection for transfers into Mac Photos app

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.6 for Windows released

Fixed a problem that PhotoSync crashed instantly on startup on some devices maybe due to a corrupted settings file. This crash will be prevented and a new default settings file will be generated.

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.5 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed a problem that PhotoSync wasn't terminated completely on quit. This now happens always when you quit the app.
Fix: Changed the crash reporting from email-reporting to a file upload

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.4 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed a crash trying to get the parent folder of a group of dragged files when there are characters used that are not allowed
Fix: Fixed the crash reporter and removed debug mode from the release version to prevent the app from crashing on internal errors
New: Added XMP files as possible file extension for sending photos

PhotoSync 3.2.3 (3029) for Android released

PhotoSync is now built against Android 9 (Pie)
Added missing permission for foreground services in Android 9
Fixed share/open of remote files which caused a crash

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.3 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed random crashes that can occur caused by the network connection checks
Fix: Fixed crashes that can occur selecting a new receive folder in the settings
Fix: Fixed crashes when URLs are sent to PhotoSync instead of files

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.2 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed crashes on non-Wi-Fi systems when the network connectivity check was run
New: Additional startup setting to switch off the network connectivity checks in case you are aware of the fact that you are running a public network connection

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.1 for Windows released

Fix: Made the check for "Public network" connections less 'aggressive' to prevent false alarms.
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